Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Brightest LED Spot Light, one of the leading online sources for integrated LED lighting solutions has recently announced the inclusion of Cree LED products in the wide array of Spot LED lighting solutions the company is offering. While the Cree LED product line is not the first in the market, the company believes that the combination of visually-appealing and cost-efficient LED light bulbs plus the utilization of the state-of-the-art LED manufacturing technology, will finally bring the brightest Cree LED light in the mainstream. anty881209wong 131125

Generally, LED spot bulbs are more energy-efficient, less fragile and last longer than conventional bulbs. Moreover, compared to conventional bulbs, LED lights contain less toxic materials and they don’t get as hot easily. With the current trend and demand for energy-efficient LED Spot lighting, only one name has emerged as the clear winner—Cree. Cree is said to be at the forefront of creating quality LED technology and LED–based products. This is evident in the rising sales and revenue of the company that has dramatically soared to $1.38 billion or an average of 19% growth over the last three years. The increasing demand for LED lighting technology has been attributed to the radical cost reductions and government regulations fueled by the rapid industrial growth in the recent years. China for instance, has banned the use of conventional light bulbs.

Apparently, the United States and the countries in Europe are following the same direction. Recent market demands indicate that without question, the country is experiencing a booming industry for energy-saving LED lighting solutions. Manufacturers are confident that LED lighting will soon dominate the global market in a few years, with Cree’s global LED lighting products expected to be on the forefront with 45% market share. With the inclusion of Cree LED, is anticipating a significant growth in the demand for their LED Spot and LED leuchte product solutions. remain confident that the inclusion of Cree LED will bolster the company’s thrust of enriching, brightening and making more lives beautiful and colorful—supporting the company’s “Lighting Up My Life” slogan.

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