Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to make your traditional bulb to LED Bulb

Led bulbs are economic type and environmental friendly. Different types of bulbs are available in the market. When one want to choose these bulbs certain things he has to keep in mind. But do you know how to make your traditional bulb to the eco-friendly led bulb to save money. Now, let’s find how.
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1 Determine what LED lights are compatible with your vehicle. Auto parts retailers have booklets in the lighting aisle that will allow you to compare the make and model of your vehicle to the LED products they have available for sale. Choose lights that are known as plug-and-play.
2 Open the headlight or brake light compartment of your vehicle to access the old, standard bulb. Detach the wiring assembly from the light compartment and pop off the old bulb. On some models, you must push the bulb into the socket and twist it out.
3 Insert the new LED bulb assembly. This is locked in place in the reverse order in which the old bulb was removed. Secure the light compartment back in place. Always test the lights before you take your vehicle on the road.
Converting bulbs to LED lights has become easier in recent years. While previous conversion kits sometimes required complicated wiring and electrical work, manufacturers have designed bulbs that can simply be popped right into the same socket that was made for the old bulb. This goes for household bulbs as well as vehicle headlamps and brake lights. By following the above trips, you can enjoy an environment friendly, energy saving lighting time with friends and families. Just enjoy it from now.

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