Monday, February 10, 2014

Save more with LED Light

It is easy to instantly trim your energy consumption and boost the eco-friendliness of your home. While knowing how and what to do to improve your home’s energy efficiency can be confusing, and the LED light is a perfect choice to replace your traditional bulb.

One incredibly easy area to use LED light bulbs to replace existing accent lighting is in display cabinets, behind shelves, or under kitchen cabinets. Traditional lighting in these areas is not only inefficient and expensive; it also can get extremely hot which contributes to risk of fire and also accidental burns. Replacing these lights with new lighting technology is relatively simple and can be an excellent way to lower costs and increase safety.

Because LED light bulbs give off a neon type effect, as well as light that are much directed, they can be used to provide both an intimate glow and a shock of color. Nightclubs often use LED technology to create the subtle glows and changing colors that create such a mood, and with LED technology becoming more accessible and inexpensive, you can create this type of mood in your own home.

Dark, moody rooms can be lit with a glow of blue light or dramatic light columns shooting up to the ceiling from wall-mounted lamps. Light from LEDs can be projected directly onto walls, creating palettes of color. Try creating a soft glow under a glass table or, if you have a bar, under the counter. LED lighting is particularly well suited to rooms of a modern design that are stripped down. Glass is an excellent feature to use as well.

LED lighting is becoming a hot commodity in the interior design world. Since it is energy efficient and cheap to power, it allows interior designers to use colored light in similar ways as they would paint.   anty881209wong 140210

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