Wednesday, November 5, 2014

color change led bulb here

Tanaka et use the LED for plants cultivation, results LED light showed that the duty ratio of 25% to 50%, it can accelerate plant growth. Composite light quality is more suitable than a single plant growth, which can normally cultivate plants. LED ceiling light Since 2014, home lighting become LED bulb LED lights main goal, many manufacturers have introduced LED ceiling light, LED bulb, LED down lights and other home lighting products. And LED ceiling lights, it snatch hit in this battle, which is hot sales now. Many LED lighting distributors and agents reflect, LED ceiling lights has become leading products, very easy to sell, can sell a lot of LED ceiling light every day. Why LED ceiling light can prevalent market? In fact, this is also expected, which can be from a technical, quality, cost and price perspective. 1. A lot of retail businesses need LED ceiling lights; lighting projecteur extérieur led store has now basically LED ceiling lamps. LED Ceiling agents can quickly seize the storefront display, to attract consumers and allow consumers to have brand awareness, it became a weapon for LED lamp manufacturers to open up the market. 2. LED ceiling light can either as the main living room lights, can also be used as lighting fixtures for bedrooms, corridors, toilets and other places, and therefore it is the preferred lighting for consumers. The consumers are usually selected first LED ceiling light, then select LED down light, etc. as auxiliary lighting, LED ceiling therefore has great demand. 3. LED ceiling light prices tend to civilians. Due to improvement in technology, chip, lamp beads, drivers and other prices have declined, LED ceiling light costs also followed the decline, and the quality has improved. The current source LED ceiling light is mostly SMD, such as St. Chennai Adams LED lamp manufacturers use is 5730 SMD LED beads, light is uniformity, the price is lower. OLED lightAt present, the practical solid state light source, in addition to white LED lamps, it also newly develops an energy efficient flat-distributed OLED organic light emitting diode. They differ from the glass lamp vessel evacuated or spot exterieur led gas-filled incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps, since they do not emit heat while emitting light. myledgrowupanty 141104

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