Friday, December 12, 2014

sylvania led light bulbs here are what you can find

Solid state lighting products in the general lightingThe reason that impedes the transfer LED lighting to general lighting is the too big LED bulb capacity of traditional markets, and the inertia of the market. To meet the latter's compatibility is probably the biggest challenge. Thermal management, voltage conversion and color management is a fundamental problem to be solved. As more and more people in the industry began to realize these issues that we need to adopt intelligent digital control method to cost-effectively solve a variety of challenges, and to enjoy the benefits of the new technology brings.LED lighting save energy significantlyIf use LED lighting in the building, you can save 48% of electricity for lighting. Luminous efficiency of an incandescent lamp is generally 10 ~ 15lm / W, fluorescent efficiency is up to 70 ~ 100lm / W, the MyLED discount efficiency of xenon lights is 80 ~ 120lm / W, current commercial LED light efficiency is 80lm / W. Some experiments product has reached 131lm / W, while LED light efficiency maximum theoretical is 200lm / W. White is not a colorThe biggest problem of LED luminous is its narrow band, so the light color is very simple, you can achieve high efficiency and no heat. It is best if the light color is exactly what we want, but in general lighting, what we need are white. In other words, we need to mix up certain percentage of variety of colors to imitate the Earth's atmosphere filtered spectrum sunlight. Smart home MyLED discount codes lighting and ordinary LED ceiling light LED ceiling light is one kind light that choose LED as light source, which is installed inside the room, due to its upper is flat, and installed close to the roof , look like adsorption on the roof, so called LED ceiling light. It has projecteur led ordinary white light bulbs, fluorescent, high intensity discharge lamps, halogen lamps and so on. Of course, there are many new products are emerging, such as smart home LED ceiling light, the future light of Panasonic, Philips livingcolor etc. leader. Currently on the market LED ceiling light is the most popular, gorgeous look LED ceiling light is adsorbed or LED light embedded in the ceiling on the roof as the lighting, is the main lighting equipment. myledgrowupanty 141210

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